「3.2.2 文字列リテラルのエスケープシーケンス」

Escape Sequences in String Literals

Combined with the character that follows it, it represents a character that is not otherwise representable within the string.

'You\'re right, it cn\'t be a quote'
\0NUL 文字The NUL character (\u0000)
\bバックスペースBackspace (\u0008)
\t水平タブHorizontal tab (\u0009)
\n改行Newline (\u000A)
\v垂直タブVertical tab (\u000B)
\f改頁From feed (\u000C)
\r復帰Carriage return (\u000D)
\"二重引用符Double quote (\u0022)
\'アポストロフィまたは単一引用符Apostrophe or single quote (\u0027)
\\バックスラッシュBackslash (\u005C)
\xXX The Latin-1 character specified by the two hexadecimal digits XX
\uXXXX The Unicode character specified by the four hexadecimal digits XXXX

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